Getting Started

Quick-start guide to kickstarting your ticketing website. Follow these simple tutorials to get your site up and running.

Set up with AWIN

Instructions and video tutorial for signing up to the London Theatre Direct AWIN programme.

Set up as an API user

Step-by-step guide and video tutorial instructions on signing up to the API, creating your application, and getting API keys.

Importing Data

Tutorial and video guide showing how to run your first data import.

Keeping Synced

Keep your website up to date with the latest prices and special offers. Automatically synchronise the shows you want to sell, or let the plugin import new shows as they become available.

Auto Import Settings

Setup the plugin's automatic data import functionality and choose what you would like the plugin to do when new shows, venues and categories are found.

Update Settings

Select how often you would like the plugin to check for new and update show information, and what fields you want to synchronise.

Manual Update

Running manual updates on shows, venues and categories. Learn how to update specific shows or run full manual updates.


Adding some style. Integrate the plugin with your website by setting your colours and design preferences.

Basic Styling

Options for adding your own branding and style to the London Theatre Direct WordPress plugin.

Design Options

Set the default design options for the plugin. Control the look and feel of your buttons and page layout.

Editing Data

Edit and amend imported data at any time. Change the tone of messages, add your own show information, or rewrite any content into your native language.

Editing Product Data

Personalise your product pages with your own content and images. Edit the language and tone to suit your customers.

Shortcodes + Widgets

Shortcodes allow you to add functionality to any page of your website, for example adding a book button to a review or a news story. Widgets contain functionality that can be dropped into sidebars and other widget-ready areas on your web page.

Advanced Topics

Redesign any aspect of the plugin. Advanced users can create their own template files from scratch by hooking the plugin's actions.

Custom Templates

Setup your own custom templates and customise every aspect of the look and feel of the plugin.

Hooks and Actions

A list of all the hooks and actions used by the plugin and their function. Use these to populate your templates.