Manual Update


From time to time you may want to manually synchronise the plugin with the London Theatre Direct API.  This may be because you have heard from a London Theatre Direct representative that there is a special offer, or a new product going on sale at a specific time, or it may be because you have the plugin set to only update manually.

Using the Manual Update settings you can choose to:

  • Update All – this will update Products, Venues and Categories.  Depending on your Auto Import Settings it may also import new Products, Venues and Categories.
  • Update Products – you can choose to either fetch all imported Products, and select which ones you would like to perform an update on, or alternatively you cal opt to simply ‘Update All Products’.
  • Update Venues – same as with Products, you can either choose which Venues you would like to update, or elect to Update All Venues with a single click.


You can find the Manual Update settings in the Data Manager.

Video Tutorial