Set up as an API user


To unlock the full benefits of the plugin it is best to sign up as an API User.

Signing up as an API partner is slightly more complicated than signing up as an AWIN partner or a Whitelabel partner.  You will need to first sign up as a developer, then register an application in order to obtain your API keys.

The main benefit of signing up as an API user is that the plugin will run using your API keys, rather than the default API keys shared by all AWIN and Whitelabel partners.  As all API keys have their own quotas, using your own API keys means you can pull across data more frequently, synchronise products faster, and run your own update processes.

We’ve put together a handy video to show you exactly what you need to do to get your own API keys:

Video Tutorial


  1. Log into your WordPress website
  2. Using the menu on the left, navigate to Theatre Tickets
  3. Under Partner Settings click API User
  4. Below the input boxes, click Get your keys
  5. On the next screen enter all the required details, including your email address - this is where a confirmation email will be sent which you will need to activate your account
  6. When you receive the confirmation email, click the activation link
  7. On the confirmation screen, click the link that says 'Apply for access to the API'
  8. Fill in the required fields, giving the name of your application (this can be anything; your company name, your website, etc.)
  9. Make sure the checkbox next to 'Issue a new key for the London Theatre Direct REST API Package' is checked. Then check the same for the Sandbox API
  10. Accept the terms and conditions at the bottom of the form and click 'Register Application'
  11. Nearly there now! On the 'Application Registered' screen, find your API and API SANDBOX keys. Copy them and paste them into the corresponding fields in the Partner Settings page
  12. Click save and you are done! The plugin is now setup to use your API Keys. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Looking for an easier setup?

To unlock the full benefits of the plugin you should sign up as an API User, however if you prefer you can setup the plugin either as a Whitelabel partner, or using an AWIN (formerly Affiliate Window) ID.