Importing Data


Regardless of whether you run a specialist or niche events website, are just looking to add an additional revenue source to your blog posts, or want to turn your website into a fully fledged ticketing website, the London Theatre Direct WordPress plugin allows you to choose exactly what level of content you want to import, allowing you to sell only the shows you choose to sell.

There are two options for importing data, you will find them by navigating to the plugin settings in WordPress (at the bottom of the left-hand navigation), and clicking on the Import Settings tab.  Here you will see two options:


Option 1

Import All

This is the simplest option. Clicking ‘Import All‘ will import all ProductsVenues and Product Categories from London Theatre Direct.

  1. Products are imported into the ‘Products‘ post type, depicted in the left-hand navigation with a tickets icon.
  2. Product Categories are created as a taxonomy, linked to Products.
  3. Venues are imported into the ‘Venues‘ post type, depicted in the left-hand navigation, above the tickets icon.



Option 2

Selective Import

You can also choose to import just the Products and Venues you want. The plugin will automatically keep them synchronised based on your settings in the Data Manager.

Import Process

Most of the plugin’s import processes are run as asynchronous background processes.  This means they will continue to run in the background without hindering the performance of the website. The decision to use background processes was made because the time required to fetch show, venue and category data and images and store it into WordPress can lead to browser timeouts – especially if there is any latency between the plugin and the London Theatre Direct API.  You can check the progress of your imports by looking in the Log.