Introduction to the Data Manager


The Data Manager section of the plugin handles all the synchronisation settings and automatic imports of data. From the Data Manager you can choose what show information fields you would like to keep updated, for example you may want to keep special offers updated – so the special offers you display are always up to date, however, if you’ve added your own data to a field you may want to let the plugin know now to update that field.

The Data Manager is split into three sections:


Auto Import Settings

As you can probably guess, this section controls what is automatically imported.  If you are running the plugin with all products imported then you’ll want to automatically import new products as soon as they become available, however if you are only selling select shows then you’ll probably want to disable the automatic imports.

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Update Settings

This section controls the frequency of synchronisation – simply speaking, this is how often the plugin will check for new shows and venues to import, and how often it will update prices and special offers.  For Whitelabel and AWIN users, you can only run updates once a day.  API Users are able to run hourly updates, ensuring that prices, shows and offers are always fresh and up to date.

This section also controls what Show and Venue fields are automatically synchronised.  In most cases you’ll probably want to leave all the defaults checked.  It is very important to note that any field checked in this section will be updated whenever the plugin synchronises – this means if you have entered your own custom copy in (for example) ‘Important Notice’, but have left it checked, then your changes will be lost when the plugin updates.

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 Manual Update

This section contains controls to run manual updates on the plugin.  You can choose to either shows, venues, or everything.  From here you can also view all your imported data and update specific shows and venues.  This is very useful if you know a special offer is due to start, or a product has just gone on sale, and you don’t want to wait until the plugin’s automatic update.

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