Basic Styling


The London Theatre Direct WordPress plugin has several styling options, ranging from very simple to advanced, to help fit seamlessly in with the rest of your WordPress website or blog.


Design Options

Using the built in design options, you can control the layout width and button design.  You can also disable all the plugin’s default styles and fallback to the design of your WordPress theme.

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Custom CSS

If the basic design options simply aren’t doing it for you then you are free to add your own Custom CSS to the plugin.  You can add either add your own Custom CSS into the plugin, on the Theatre Tickets plugin page, on the Behaviour + Design tab, or you add CSS classes to the plugin buttons to override the colours set in the plugin.  If you want to change everything, then try clicking ‘Disable plugin styles‘ to remove all non-structural CSS.



Custom Templates

Customising templates is the most advanced way to alter the design of the plugin.  You can find out more about Custom Templates in the ‘Advanced‘ section

Create Custom Templates