Editing Product Data


The London Theatre Direct WordPress plugin allows you to customise every bit of data that it imports.  This allows you to change the language or personalise the tone to match your customers.

When a new product or venue is imported, the plugin fetches data directly from London Theatre Direct’s API.  For a product, this data will include:

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Tagline
  • Product Image
  • Image Gallery (if applicable)
  • Running Time
  • Recommended Minimum Age 
  • Start Date – the start of the shows run, or the next performance
  • End Date – the date of the last performance
  • Important Notice – any crucial information such as cast changes, strobing lights, and the use of pyrotechnics
  • Minimum Price – the price of the cheapest ticket
  • Current Price – the price of the cheapest ticket available now
  • Offer Price – the price of the cheapest ticket that has a discount
  • Short Offer Text – a sentence describing any current special offer
  • Long Offer Text – an extended description of an existing special offer, including affected ticket types and validity dates


The fields highlighted in purple have been omitted from the plugin’s auto-update functions. This ensures that your changes to these fields can never be accidentally overwritten when the plugin synchronises.

By default, the fields highlighted in magenta will update automatically for every product each time the plugin synchronises. You can change these settings on the Data Manager page of the plugin.  Please note that if you edit these product fields and do not uncheck them in Product Update Values in the Data Manager then your changes will be overwritten when the plugin synchronises!

The fields in black are set to not synchronise, but can be changed to update automatically in the Data Manager.  Tagline has been omitted because it is likely you will want to edit this yourself.  Product Image and Image Gallery have been omitted because they slow down the synchronise process dramatically, as WordPress needs to download and import images into your Media Library.


Where to edit Product data

If you want to edit product data, first log into WordPress, then using the left hand menu, navigate to Products > All Products

Next, find the product that you would like to update, and click ‘Edit‘.

As with any WordPress post or page, you will be presented with the title and content, and a sidebar on the right.    On the right-hand side you can edit or change the ‘Product Categories’ and set a new ‘Featured Image’.  If you change this, it will change the main image for the Product everywhere it is displayed on the website.


To edit product data, scroll down, and you will see a tabbed container titled ‘Product Details’:

The first tab controls pricing and special offers. Using the second tab you can edit additional and important information.  The third tab controls Start and End dates, and running time, and the final tab controls images and the image gallery.

If you are planning on editing any of these fields then first make sure they are unchecked in Product Update Values in the Data Manager, otherwise they will get overwritten when the plugin synchronises:



Important Note

Please remember that fields that are checked in Product Update Values in the Data Manager will automatically update when the plugin synchronises.  This means that if you have changed a value it will get overwritten.